Microsoft’s staff in China forced to exclusively use iPhone devices






Microsoft’s employees based in China will have to change their phones if they run Android. Microsoft is establishing a new policy where its employees will have to exclusively use iPhone devices. The main reason seems to be the ban on Google Play Services in the Asian country.
According to Bloomberg, as of September, employees affected by the decision will only be able to use Apple devices to access identity verification apps. The company wants to ensure that everyone has the Microsoft Authenticator and Identity Pass apps on their phones.
Microsoft employees forced to replace their Android devices with iPhones
The decision is part of an initiative to set stronger security measures that strengthen the company against potential attacks. For months now, Microsoft has been the target of constant attacks allegedly sponsored by the Russian government. The US government even confirmed that a related data breach also affected the State Department. The breach did not compromise the security of key confidential data. However, the situation caused US legislators to pressure the Redmond giant to implement stricter security systems.
According to the report, the company will provide iPhone 15 units as a “one-time purchase” to its staff in China. Interestingly, even employees based in Hong Kong will have to comply with the measure. It’s noteworthy that Google Play Services are available in Hong Kong. However, Microsoft is not making exceptions with its new policies.
New policies contradict the Chinese government’s position regarding foreign devices
Still, the Chinese government may not be too happy with Microsoft employees now exclusively using iPhone devices. Since 2023, they have been promoting the abandonment of devices of foreign origin at work. Like Microsoft, the Chinese government cites security concerns as the reason for the measure. However, now Microsoft employees in China will have to discard Android devices from local brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei in favor of iPhones.

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