Udo Haan could have permission to visit the community for up to 5 days at a time

Udo Haan, who was not found criminally responsible for his wife’s death when he blew up their home in 2018, will be receiving travel passes to visit the community.The Ontario Review Board held a hearing at St. Joseph’s Health Care London on Thursday to permit Haan to visit Elgin County and Middlesex Country while accompanied by staff or with indirect supervision. He will also be allowed to go anywhere in Southwest Ontario with an approved itinerary and indirect supervision for up to 72 hours for up to six times a year. He will also have access to five day passes twice in the year.In addition to the travel allowances, Haan will also be allowed to potentially live in Elgin and Middlesex County at an approved residence.The passes will be given to Haan at the discretion of doctors and are not guaranteed.Edra Haan’s body was found in the backyard of a home in Kitchener in 2018 after a house explosion. (Facebook)On Aug. 22, 2018, emergency crews were called to the Sprucedale Crescent home just after 8 a.m. for a house explosion. Udo was found critically injured. Edra’s body was discovered in the backyard of the home. The explosion destroyed the house and damaged several nearby homes.Haan was charged with first-degree murder, one count of arson, disregard for human life and two counts of arson damage to property.In February 2023, Haan was found not criminally responsible in the death of his wife because he suffered from a major depressive disorder with psychotic features, or delusional disorder, when he killed his wife.When he is granted the passes, doctors are required to tell local police when Haan is visiting the community. He will also be required to submit random samples of urine or breath to make sure he hasn’t consumed any alcohol or non-medical drugs.During his time visiting the community, Haan will not be permitted to contact several people identified in the court disposition. The list of names includes his two children.

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