That Silly Crab Soulslike Hits Xbox Game Pass This Month

We’re about halfway through April, which means another wave of titles is up for grabs for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. You’ve got a hockey sim, a JRPG, a tower defense action-strategy game, and more, as well as that hilariously silly crustacean Soulslike. It’s a pretty good month, to be honest, as there’s a little something for everyone here.The Best Reveals From The Game Awards 2023Let’s kick things off with what’s available right now. The adorably handcrafted point-and-click adventure game Harold Halibut is yours to download with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. The debut title from developer Slow Bros., Harold Halibut follows the titular character as he seeks to define “home” for himself. Unfortunately, Kotaku staff writer Willa Rowe found it underwhelming, saying in her review that the handcrafted visuals are stunning but the characters and gameplay leave something to be desired. Still, Harold Halibut is worth a shot.Moving onto what’s coming in the next handful of days, you’ve got tower defense strategy game Orcs Must Die! 3 on April 17, EA Sports’ hockey sim NHL 24 on April 18, turn-based JRPG (and spiritual successor to Suikoden) Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes on April 23, medieval city builder Manor Lords on April 26, and 2D Metroidvania Have a Nice Death on April 30, which should fill that Hollow Knight: Silksong-shaped hole in your heart. There are also three more games for Xbox Game Pass Core members: Deep Rock Galactic, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, and Wreckfest, all available on April 23.In my eyes, though, the headliner of the bunch is Another Crab’s Treasure, that wacky arthropod Soulslike by Going Under developer Aggro Crab. You might remember this game from an October 2023 TikTok in which a player pulls out a gat to bust a cap in a tough boss. Yeah, it’s that game. It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 25, which sucks for me because that’s right around the time that Stellar Blade, my latest love, comes out.As is customary when new offerings arrive, some must also depart. Six games are leaving Xbox Game Pass on April 30, including first-person zombie survival shooter 7 Days to Die, physics-building simulator Besiege, EA Sports’ NHL 22, the excellent Soulslike dungeon crawler Loot River, the casual indie puzzler Pikuniku, and Cococucumber’s action-adventure RPG Ravenlok.You can check the full list of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass below.Xbox Game Pass Offerings April 2024Arriving:Harold Halibut (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) — Available nowOrcs Must Die! 3 (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 17EA Sports NHL 24 (Console) EA Play — April 18Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 23Another Crab’s Treasure (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 25Manor Lords (Game Preview) (PC) — April 26Have A Nice Death (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 30Leaving:7 Days to Die (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 30Besiege (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 30EA Sports NHL 22 (Console) — April 30Loot River (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 30Pikuniku (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 30Ravenlok (Cloud, Console, and PC) — April 30 

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