Former mayor appealing sexual assault conviction dies of cancer

The former mayor of a township just outside Cornwall, Ont. — who resigned six months after he was charged with sexual assault and child luring in 2021 — died last month.According to an online obituary, Frank Prevost died of cancer on March 9. He was 56.In the summer of 2021, Ontario Provincial Police accused Prevost, then 53 and the mayor of South Glengarry, of sexually assaulting a man over several years, as well as three counts of child luring stemming from an undercover police operation.He was convicted of the sexual assault charge in 2023 and had been in the process of appealing.The child luring charges were still winding their way through court at the time of his death.Prevost was also charged in February 2022 with violating a condition of his release order. He had been ordered not to use the internet or similar communication services to access unlawful content, social media, dating sites, chat rooms or forums.Trials had been scheduled for both outstanding matters, according to court records, but Prevost’s health had been deteriorating.They “could not proceed because he was unable to attend court or participate in a trial,” his lawyer Mark Ertel said in an email.All outstanding charges against Prevost were withdrawn at the request of the Crown on April 4.Prevost’s death was first reported by Cornwall Newswatch.Notice to abandon appealIn July 2023, Ontario Court Justice Diane Lahaie found Prevost guilty of sexual assaulting someone between 2018 and 2021 in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, according to court records.In November, Prevost was sentenced to four years in prison, his name was added to the sexual offender registry, and he was ordered to submit his DNA, among other orders.He and his lawyer launched an appeal that same month. On Nov. 8, the court granted Prevost bail pending a hearing on the matter.Prevost died before the hearing could take place, the court confirmed.A notice to abandon the appeal has been submitted and is being processed, a spokesperson for the court wrote in an email Monday.After the first charges were announced, Prevost took an unpaid six-month leave of absence as mayor of South Glengarry and was removed as warden of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.He announced his resignation after those six months passed.Lyle Warden, then the deputy mayor, was appointed mayor. Current South Glengarry Mayor Lachlan McDonald was elected in 2022.

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