Councillors look to crack down on unsanctioned car rallies after south Windsor incident

An unsanctioned car rally close to Windsor International Airport caused a crash over the weekend — finding ways to prevent these types of meet-ups is no easy task, according to some city officials.A video posted to Facebook shows what appears to be a car rally with a large crowd gathered around. They are looking on as two cars do doughnuts in an intersection with screeching tires.  At one point in the video, two cars collide — severely damaging the front end of one car, while the second vehicle speeds out of frame. The incident took place on Wheelton Drive, where tire marks were still visible on the pavement Monday morning. WATCH | Unsanctioned car rally in south Windsor ends in crash:Unsanctioned car rally in south Windsor ends in crashAn unsanctioned car rally near Windsor’s airport ended with a crash over the weekend. A social media video shows a crash between two cars and damage to the intersection. But councillors tell the CBC’s Dale Molnar working to prevent these types of meet-ups, and the damage they can cause, isn’t an easy task.”Frankly, it is a very challenging issue to enforce,” said Ward 9 Coun. Kieran McKenzie. “Windsor’s not unique in terms of having stunt driving being an issue that we’re dealing with … But still I think there’s some merit in us turning our minds toward what else could we do to try to make our streets safer and and to try to curtail some of that, some of what’s disturbing our residents.”Windsor police did not return requests for comment. It is unclear whether there is a police investigation ongoing. There have been no reports of injuries. Tire marks are visible on Wheelton Drive, where over the weekend an unsanctioned car rally took place. Social media video showed a crash between two cars in the intersection. (Dale Molnar/CBC)McKenzie said that in the last term of council, they strengthened bylaws that target excessive noise from vehicles. But he’s also spoken to police about the issue. “There’s a challenge with respect to being able to, even if the charge was brought forward, to have that … stand up in court in terms of the way that you can gather evidence.”It’s one thing to increase fines that’s, frankly, the easy thing to do.”McKenzie said he would ask staff to bring forward some information about technology in place in other cities, like automated noise radar and other ways to address the issue. Agostino says tech, infrastructure can help downtownBut excessive noise and stunt driving are also issues downtown, the ward councillor says.Ward 3 Coun. Renaldo Agostino said the city is adding a gate to riverfront Lot 16 so people must pay before parking to gain entry. He’d also like to see more speed bumps in the area to help curtail dangerous driving. “It’s a combination of technology, some infrastructure work and hopefully some smarter brains from some people out there doing things that they shouldn’t be doing,” he said. Cars making noise on Windsor’s riverfrontThis video provided by Joan Charette illustrates the noise she and other neighbours are dealing with.”I hope that those people that do that feel the stiffness of the law because you can kill somebody playing around with a motor vehicle.”

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