Valve reveals the most-played games on Steam Deck






Valve has added a new chart to its roster of publicly-available data: a list of the 100 top-played titles on the Steam Deck. The information can be sorted by the past week, month, or year, and will be updated daily.These charts can play a big part in game discovery on the platform, so it’s worth noting that making the list isn’t only about the sheer number of players. Lawrence Yang from Valve told The Verge more about the process. “The metric we’re using to determine top-played is a combination of unique users and interest,” Yang said. “Hades 2 has only been out for a month, but so many Steam Deck players have it as one of their top played games for the entire year, that it was lifted in the rankings.”At the chart’s launch, Elden Ring unsurprisingly holds the top spot after the recent Shadow of the Erdtree release (and subsequent patch). Indie fave Stardew Valley is currently in second and hot deck-builder Balatro is in third. Both Hades 2 and Hades have made the top ten. There are some surprising entries too, such as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX in fifth place and Fallout 4 in sixth. If you want to add anything on the Steam Deck chart to your library, now’s the chance to load up your to-be-played queue for cheap with the ongoing Steam Summer Sale.

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