What’s The Difference Between These Transmissions?






The Chrysler 68RFE and Aisin AS69RC are both transmissions that are good at the job that they were designed for, and not much else. For that reason, it is important to consider your needs for a work truck before choosing between one or the other.

Ultimately, the 68RFE is a good, but misunderstood, transmission. It performs well and remains extremely reliable in stock trucks that aren’t frequently hauling heavy loads. The problem with the 68RFE arises when additional power or heavy tow loads enter the equation. For that reason, those who are looking to take a RAM heavy-duty truck to the limits of its towing and hauling capabilities might have a better experience with the AS69RC. However, for those who value reliability and comfort while still enjoying moderate towing capabilities, it might not be worth investing the additional capital in the Aisin.
In contrast, the AS69RC is a good transmission option for commercial uses or someone who frequently needs to get the most out of the truck’s hauling capabilities. With an optimized final drive ratio, an 850-950 lb-ft torque capacity, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 33,000 pounds, the AS69RC is the perfect transmission selection to push a RAM heavy-duty truck to its limit. With that being said, the AS69RC is a more technically complex and expensive transmission that requires a fair bit of upkeep to maintain its reliability. That’s the price that you pay for its additional capabilities.

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