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To succeed in digital marketing, prioritize audience understanding, create compelling content, optimize for SEO, engage on social media, and analyze metrics. Consistency, adaptability, and ethical practices are key. Stay updated with industry trends for sustained success.When Digital Marketing is becoming so important some various tips and tricks can be used to make your marketing easier. Everyone wants their marketing to be the best, and that’s of course needed in this competitive world. So, we bring to you 126 different tips and tricks that can be used to make digital Marketing successful.

But for those Restaurant, Hotel, and Real Estate businesses, we have also got some special tips and tricks up our sleeves just for you. Go ahead and make the best digital marketing you can possible with the help of these tricks.

Tips and Tricks for Any Business Type
Email Marketing
Be regular in emails
Regular emails will try and hold customer’s interest longer and that’s what we want. Why not we send emails on a daily basis or even a weekly basis, may be during the night around 8 pm when they come home from work or from a busy day.

Provide links in email
Let your customers reach the places you want to, directly with links provided in emails.  By One link they are on your website.

Inspiring quotes
Sending some inspiring quotes on emails can also be just as appealing as sending a marketing email. Use popular Quotes that used by many. So by seeing some inspiring quotes is very appealing and can bring customers confidence on the product/ service the company is providing.

Create a little curiosity in emails
Don’t tell everything. Keep some things as secret. A little curiosity will drive the customers to your website and social media channels to find out answers or more information.

Announce upcoming events
Tell everyone in online about your events or announce it through emails and SMS. Maybe they are interested to attend or see what is happening.

Make sure you show your logo in emails
Your logo is a part of your company identity so use it in your emails. Let customers remember your company with your logo. After all, logos are important too.

Virtual coupons
Who doesn’t love coupons? Have some virtual coupons hanging around maybe on your website or social media channels or even just for those who have given their email addresses or contact details. Coupons can create a lot of interest especially if it’s offers like buy one and get one free.  

Text/Image Ratio in Emails
Should not use too much text or images. An equal portion of both is a good email. However, images are more popular than text so even a 40:60 ratio can also play a good role in email marketing.

Implement loyalty program
Have some kind of loyalty program that’ll keep your customers coming back. Sending emails weekly with newsletters with exciting offers or anything which will make customers want to come back.


Clear and concise email is important
No customer wants to go through an email which is detailed but not clear. Lengthy emails don’t make a customer happy therefore short, clear and concise email is the way to go.


Don’t let emails end up in spam box
This is very important in the case email marketing. No company wants their email end up in spam box where the customer not even view it. It is the waste of email.


Send emails at appropriate times
There is a right time for most things so be sure that you send emails at a right time. Try to find out the time when most people or your customers view the emails and send then.


Email signature
Every email should have a signature which will show that the email is valid and from the company itself. An email signature acts as an identity to the customers and more the signature is used, more the customers will remember the company.


Social Media Marketing
Social media ads
We can see this kind of ads daily on Facebook or Twitter or even instagram now. Putting ads on social media has guarantee that customers will see it. Those who are interested will click on it.


Have accounts in all popular social media websites
We all know that the popular social media sites are like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Make sure to have accounts in them as they play an important role in marketing and gaining customers.


Promote your social media links
Don’t just simply create social media accounts. Promote it. Those who don’t know about your company can be able to know it from social media. Promote it by making some status updates or tweets about your website along with a funny image to get the attention of people.


Create and Join Facebook groups
Facebook group is similar to a website except it’s on a social media channel. Creating a group will make more awareness and by joining an existing Facebook groups, you can show that the company is interacting with its customers.


Create and Schedule statuses for Facebook
Think about your statuses and make sure that you are prepared to post at the right time. Regular scheduled updates will show your company is organised and well scheduled.


Provide links to share
You should have some links that allow them to share your website or content to their friends and family. Social media links are the one you must have and easiest to share.


Join weekly Twitter Hashtag themes
Use the weekly popular Twitter hash tags in your tweets. Those hash tags are seen by all around the world, so why not you use it to your advantage and publicize your company through those hash tags. #get tweeting.


Pin your own image on Pinterest
Use Pinterest to show off your company by pinning an image on it. Pin a good image which will attract customers or pin something funny that your company has done or is doing. Make it interesting.


Join groups on LinkedIn
Linked has some great groups from cooking to business to business marketing. It’s a great place to use your marketing skills. Your audience is out there, go get them!


Keep social tabs on competitors
Keeping a close eye on competitors will allow you to see what your competitors are doing for their social media marketing. May be you can do something similar or even better, to give a good competition and also to get more customers.


Send exclusive content to twitter list and Facebook followers
You can show your customers, that how important they are by sending exclusive content to only those on your twitter list, email list and Facebook followers.


Promote your website on social media channels
Social media should know your website and what all it has in it. So promote it along with your status updates or tweets and get people to come and view your website. The more the better folks!


Website Marketing
Have a website
Every company needs a website. This is one of the basics of digital  marketing. If you don’t have one, definitely create a website for your company. Don’t depend on social media channels as your main website, create one with a new URL.


Celebrate occasions through emails, social media and even website
When customers are celebrating different occasions, the company also should. You can gain customer’s loyalty by joining in the celebrations. Have some customized occasion themed videos or images or even status update and tweets. Change your website design and bring some festive spirit!


Offer contact methods on website
Have different contact methods to allow customers to contact you. You can place your contact methods in a separate section in your website. Allow customers to reach it easily.


Decluster your website
If you have an old website or even one which is out of date, why not you decluster it from any old unwanted information, old features or even design. Make it as a brand new so that it can attract your customers. No one wants to go through an old website. Boring!


Be creative with Website and Provide little Interaction
Design your website like no other have. Make it with something different from other website and be  creative. Allow customers to interact and have fun on your website. It’ll definitely bring some loyal or new customers.


Make a good FAQ page
Design your FAQ with a little creativity and easy to understand. Those common questions shouldn’t be common anymore once you made your FAQ page!


Optimise your about page
Your about page is the one everyone going to read. Don’t forget to make it better than any other page on your website. Be sure to make it something that stands out about your company. Be clear with everything you say but don’t get into too much detail.


Make sure your page is fast to load
A slow loading page needs patience and most people on the world wide web don’t prefer to wait. So make your website fast as possible otherwise you’ll find less people viewing it and more people leaving it before they arrive.


Exchange web links with other businesses
Give your links to them and put their links in your website. Have some partnership especially with similar businesses trying to achieving the same objective.


Allow rating in discussion area
You should have rating feature in the discussion area so that customers can rate accordingly. Everyone has a different perception and opinion so rating will help you show the most popular and the least popular product or service. Then use this rating to improve.


Remind people about their online wish list
We all have a wish list, some of them will keep it in their mind and some will create online wish list. Why not you remind them so that they can try to fulfil their wish? What can be a better way to market and advertise than use their wish list to remind?


Update website regularly
A regularly updated website is a good website. No one wants an old, outdated website, it brings no attraction or brand image. Make sure that you update regularly with latest products and services as well as website features.


Customize your site’s search box
People will do some specific searches on your search box so make sure that your search box will display the posts and pages of your site at the top of the search results. Let them dig into your information first.


Add print this page button to your website
There might be some people who want to use your website in their work or project or even for showing others. So provide them a print button. You’ll receive free advertising without even needing to.


Be positive
Negativity is not at all attractive. In every content, blog, website, social media channels, emails and SMS make sure that be positive. Promote positivity. It’s the best thing to do when doing digital marketing. A positive company gains positive customers.


Provide a comment section
Nowadays nearly all websites have some kind of comment section for its product or service. It’s an important feature as it allows customers to deliver their opinions and reviews across to other customers. So make sure you provide this feature for commenting. Let’s get commenting.


Have a clear navigation system on website
A poor navigation system will lead people away from your website. A click to the about us section shouldn’t land up on contact section. It’s a basic thing, but it’s very important. Check your navigation and make sure it’s working effectively.


Create customer case studies for website
Go ahead and ask your best and happy customers to share their experience with your company. It will add to your credibility!


Create a calendar of events
You may keep calendar for the special events at home. Well now it’s time to bring a calendar to the company’s website to let customers and competitors see what events are in line for the company.


Promote seasonal sale
As the seasons changes, your sales and promotion strategies surely want to change. Promote those seasonal sales after all seasons don’t last forever. Everyone likes seasonal sales once in a while. Why don’t you create some good advertisement video or some funny image to market?


Phone Marketing
Keep up to date with your customer details
Make sure that you have correct and valid phone numbers and do not keep incorrect or out of date numbers anywhere. Those who unsubscribed and don’t want SMS or updates on phone, delete them.You should keep customer details up to date to ensure effective mobile marketing.


Content Marketing
Write original content
Originality attract more people than you expect. The same copied content or information is really boring. So make sure that you are going with everything original and unique. It will make your company different from the rest.


Get guest authors to write for you
A good guest author can create a good content which can be used for marketing. Those who are the fans of that guest author will start viewing the company’s blog or website because of the guest author’s appearance.


Be a guest blogger/author
Why don’t you be a guest blogger or author on another website or blog. You can do marketing for their customers and bring awareness of your company when writing the blog.


Make everything simple and easy to understand
A little simplicity goes a long way. Be simple and make everything easy to understand. No one wants to get confused or misunderstood. It’s good to be simple especially in marketing.


Combine old outdated posts
Reuse and recycle can also be done with digital marketing. Get those old outdated post and use them in your new posts. Don’t waste your content or information, use it wisely in your new updated posts.


Connect with people Emotionally
An emotional connection is more valuable. Try to engage with customers through emotional content, something which will touch their hearts.


Visual Marketing
Give demonstration videos
Even if you have the simplest product or service, everyone don’t  know what is it or how to use it. So provide them some demo videos. You can post them on YouTube, social media channels or even your own website.


Upload video on YouTube
What can be a better way to do marketing? Millions of people around the world watch YouTube videos daily. So try to upload videos on YouTube and bring awareness of your company.


Customer review channels
Try to get on customer review channels especially channels which are most popular and seen by many. After all reviews are trusted by many.


Printing Digitally
Digital marketing isn’t just limited to online, it can be done offline also. Get those business cards, leaflets, brochures and all other kinds of printed marketing materials. Design them amazingly so that customers would love to read and get to know more.


Make or use vines
We all have seen those entertaining vines. Nothing can beat a vine. Yes, why not you create and use a vine? Make it a little funny or make it something entertaining which customers will love to watch again and again. The good old vine method.


SEO Marketing
Be on the search engines
It’s important to register with as many search engines as possible. Thousands of searches are done every day. Customers need to find you and most important way is to be on a search engine. Go and register now.


Create optimized keywords
Use effective and popular keywords so that when someone uses the search engine they can find your website in most searches.


Other Tips and Tricks to Improve
Be transparent with customers
Don’t hide anything. Tell and show everything. Treat your customers as a family and make sure that everything you do or say is true. Customers will trust you and you need to keep that trust.


Monitor online reviews
You should monitor what the customers are saying about your products or service or even marketing technique.  Provide some replies to the reviews about improving or even thanking customers. Don’t let reviews get negative as it repel people from coming to the business or even viewing it.


Say thank you to customers
It’s great to say thank you when needed. It shows politeness and also a simple way to win a customer’s heart. Why not you send a personalised thank you email or SMS to your valuable customers.


Do something unusual and publish it
Everyone likes to see new, unusual and unique things, So provide it. Show off your unusual company’s side and bring something never seen before. It’ll bring more attraction before you know it.


Always stay up to date with industry news
Outdated trends and news isn’t appealing. Make sure that stay up to date with the news and change accordingly to the latest trends.


Explore customers interests  
Researches for marketing have to be done. But most importantly be aware of your customers interest or try to find out what they like or dislike so that you can provide only what they like.


Answer any doubts and questions
There will always be some customers who have doubts or questions regarding your product or service. So be sure to answer them quickly as unanswered doubts and questions will lead to lose the customer’s interest.


Personalised Marketing
Make something personalised to show how special the customers are to your company. You can make personalised emails with customers name written or personalised messages or SMS. Sending them to your customers will show, it’s only for them and they only matter. It’ll create trust and make customers happy .


Survey customers
This will allow you to find out what customers want or think. It’s a type of feedback and it helps to improve your marketing and business accordingly.


Start a podcast
People love to tell and listen to stories. Why don’t you have a podcast that is entertaining but tells a story about your company or related to it. It’s a  great way to have a meaningful connection with customers.


Educate customers
I don’t mean to go and give lectures on one topic. No, when educating customers, educate them in the simplest and most funny way. Make them feel learning easy and understand it in a little funny way. Don’t be a boring old lecture sitting in front of his computer and teaching students. Don’t want to go there again!


Exceed customer expectations
Do more than your customers expectation. Why don’t you make some amazing advertisement videos or animations or do some online giveaways. Or you can make a welcome pack for those who subscribed to the company.


Be creative
A little creativity goes a long way. It’s important to be creative especially in this competitive world so that you can stand out from the crowd. Get those creative juices rolling!


Offer free download
Anything free is more appealing than one with a price, right? Then why don’t you offer a free download . You can give a free download if product or service is bought or a newsletter is subscribed. No one wants to miss a free offer.


Ask feedback
Gaining feedback is important for these days as it gives signs of improvements and also strengthens your company. Ask customers to give some feedback through email regarding the product or service.


Respond to customers quickly
A good quick response shows how much the company cares for the customers opinions, questions and complaints. Be quick and be smart.


Browse forums and answer popular questions
Go through the forums filled with questions and interact with customers. Answer popular questions regarding your company, product or services or anything related to the industry. It builds customers trust and shows that the company likes to interact with their customers.


Ideas Especially for Large Businesses
Website Marketing
Optimise your website for mobile
Nowadays more and more people are using tablets and smartphones therefore it’s important to have a website which can be viewed on mobile phones or tablets just like the view on a computer screen.


Translate website into multiple languages
Don’t just consider your target audience, make sure that, whoever views it in the world can read using their native or own language. It make the customers feel better. So make sure that you have different languages options on your webpage.


Make partnership for co-promotion
Have a healthy competition but also partner up with your competitors or any other businesses and make some promotion through it. Team work shows more results, so team up and start promoting on their website as well as their products or services on your website.


Visual Marketing
Animate ads
Bring those cartoon animations into your Ads. Be a little funny and creative. For sure it’ll leave the customers impressed by your entertaining ads.


Show off your corporate social responsibility efforts online
A company which helps it’s environment around and the world is a company deemed to be good by customers. So make some efforts like helping poor or planting trees and show it off online.


Video contest
Just like photo contest, even having a video contest is just as exciting. Nothing can beat a good contest with exciting prizes. It’s also a great way for a company to be known to the world by just a social media contest. Simply cost saving.


Photo contests
Give customers a little bit of excitement with a contest. A photo contest is a simple yet attractive contest which can be easy for customers to submit a photo and for the company to choose. What can be a great way of marketing than having a photo contest?


Have high quality images
Blur and low quality images aren’t appealing and certainly won’t be viewed by many. So try to provide high quality images everywhere online, a good image makes everything looks good.


Use the Press
Everyone reads the online news, reports and magazines so use these in your digital marketing. Ask or allow the press to write articles about the business and make it for the best use..


Offline Marketing
Go big with Billboards
You can use those billboards sitting in side of roads or streets for advertising? These are seen by thousands daily and sometimes repeatedly so make use of creating a funny, attractive billboard for customers to see.


Use guerrilla marketing
What can be a better creative marketing technique than guerrilla marketing? Nothing can beat it’s creativity. For those companies who like to get creative with their advertising and marketing, use guerrilla marketing. Create those fun 3D images painted on streets, benches and walls. Change the environment a little. I’m sure your customers will love it!


Phone Marketing
SMS competitions
Why don’t you market the competitions that the company is doing? Competitions is a good way of marketing and sending competitions updates to  customers wherever, they can be a great way of digital marketing.


Alerts and Updates using SMS
Sending alerts and updates through sms is more convenient as it reaches the customer wherever they are.


Content Marketing
Have endorsements
It’s a wonder what top experts can do in marketing. Get top experts to review your products or endorse it. Have an interview, write it in your blog post or even record the interview. Highlight some amazing things they said, it can have a huge impact on customers.


Social Media Marketing
We all have seen those funny memes on social media sites and even on Google images. Try to create memes related to your company or memes which are funny. A sense of humour in a company can be rather pleasing to customers.


Show off your success
Showing off your success online will get more views than showing off offline. Show off your appreciation towards colleagues or even show the world that a party you’re having for the success you gained. Show to your customers that your business is succeeding and is successful.


Other Tips and Tricks of Marketing
Why don’t you do a little bit of sponsoring. Sponsor your local football team or a non-profit organisation? It gives a company a good image as well as a good reputation.


Try PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Ads
Why don’t you try the PPC ads. PPC ads are often placed in places around the online world where it’s highly visible.You only need to pay depending on the clicks. Don’t worry if there is high clicks, it’ll mean more customers saw your website or company. .


Create audio posts
Try and create some audio posts. Listening to something is better than reading especially for those lazy customers. It’s also an interesting way and can be even used by blind customers.


Clean and maintain your database
A full and unorganised database can be ineffective. Clean your database by taking out any unwanted data or updating any data. But be sure to maintain it always and regularly.


Apply for online awards
A company with awards is a well reputed and known the company by many. So apply for awards and try to achieve it to gain reputation, improve the company image and brand but also to increase awareness of your company.


Get app
Mobile apps are very popular these days. You should try and create an app by your company or even related to your company. It can be something fun or even educational. If it’s good then by no time you’ll have a good image for the app you designed.


Be sure to do test marketing before actually implementing it so that any problems or mistakes are there, you can improve it. Nothing is worse than marketing with mistakes.


Use one media to direct customers to another
This means use social media to direct customers to your website or even opposite. Use email to direct customers to social media channels. Use SMS to direct customers to your newsletters. The more directions you have, better the people will get to know about the company.


Support a cause
Support a good cause. There will be a lot of popularity for a good cause and many around the world will be supporting it. So make sure to support it too. It’ll improve company’s image and reputation.


Ideas especially for Restaurant Businesses
Yelp is a great help for restaurants and customers especially with its reviews so make sure that you receive the best possible reviews. Don’t forget to add as much information like photos, store hours, location, menu, price range etc.


We all love a little bit of discount
Providing discount codes through email is rather appealing to customers. Everyone wants a bit of discount and if it provided through email then more customers will read emails sent by company regularly to find more discounts.


Most customers are looking for restaurants near home. So make sure that you are there. Those local people will find your business easier and also stops irrelevant clicks from users outside the local areas.


Instagram advertising
Show off your tasty dishes on your Instagram account. Take some good images with customers eating or while preparing and show how much amazing dishes you provide at your restaurant to the world.


Foodie Photos
Since you are all about food, then customers want to see the food you provide. Why don’t you have some great foodie photos for those foodie lovers on social media channels, your website, emails and anywhere else you can find.


Show off your Staff
Customers love to be served by happy, joyful staffs. Show off your amazing staff online with photos of them working hard. It’s a great way to show your customer service to customers.


Source local ingredients
Sometimes, local ingredients can actually give you positive reputation from the local community itself. Customers would love to know that local ingredients are being used to make such delicious food. You’ll start a fan base with your local ingredients.


Give your menu a fresh look
Nothing beats a good fresh menu with exciting new dishes. Don’t keep your menus old and outdated, update them and give some new dishes regularly or even new menu designs.


Online Reservation tools
Why don’t you have a reservation system where customers can book their table online. It’ll make life easier for them and for you and maybe it’ll get you some loyalty from customers.


Ideas especially for Hotel businesses
Use guest review services
Get some feedback from previous customers or even post images of hotel, amenities and services and get guests to follow or share their opinion of your hotel. Bad Feedback can help you improve and good feedback can help build your image and reputation online.


SMS payments
Why don’t you send SMS of payments after your customer has booked online using their card. Thus you can make it more safer for customers and also create trust once they receive the SMS.


Online bookings
Customers want to be able to book online especially when it’s much easier than going to the hotel itself and finding it’s fully booked. So make it easier for them and provide this service online on your website or even other websites your hotel is listed in.


Google places
Make sure to enter your hotel’s information and keywords into Google Places. This will help you to show your hotel during search along with a Google map to help customers find your hotel. Thousands searches are made on Google every day so make sure  your hotel is on there.


Local area and transportation
For those long distance travelers they need to know where they are staying, how to reach your hotel and what are the transportation from hotel to places they want to see or visit. Provide information on local area to help travelers.


Provide a Map on website
Have a map to make sure that the customers know where to find your hotel. This maps will help especially for those hotels situated in countryside where it’s harder to find or even large crowded cities. Get a map on your website to guide your customers to you!


Ideas especially for Real Estate Businesses
Write listings that sell
Have a good listing that stands out  from the rest. Paint a picture through the words you use in your listing. Create a good image for customers. A good listing will sell faster than a boring, plain listing.


Develop guides for sellers and buyers
Create some guides to help to answer those common questions asked by sellers and buyers. Give them a lot of information on your guides and make them printable or download so that anyone can see.


Make viral headlines
You should have some striking headlines to enhance your online visibility on your articles or posts. The more it stands out, the more likely customers will read it and get to know about you.


Create multiple websites
Many agents often create various different website for different areas or covering multiple areas so that they can cater for everyone in a large geographic area.


Give lead expense information
Customers in the real estate business often have to have a lot of finance therefore questions and doubts will arise regarding their finance. Why don’t you provide a document that gives all information and calculation of their expenses, before, during and after sale.


Provide online calculators
Those who just want to estimate the cost, have a small calculator in handing on your website for them to calculate easily. Have some important expenses that are necessary for all properties listed below.


Make your listing look their best
In real estate, the images are most important so make sure your images show the best angles of a room or house. Try to make as appealing as you can with your images.


Develop list boards on Pinterest
Pinterest is a great platform to create informational boards especially with your listing. Use some pictures of your property, highlight areas, tips and advice from buyers as well as your contact details and lists to other website.


Generate Slideshows
For customers who prefer visuals than plain text, multimedia presentations can build readership. Publishing content on sites like SlideShare puts your content in front of thousands of people and this will increase your online visibility as well.


Provide videos of houses or a tour
Why don’t you show off their houses or businesses through an online tour. A virtual online tour certainly is rather exciting to see and those who are interested will definitely get in contact.

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.

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