Netflix is removing its ad-free Basic plan for current subscribers






Netflix is already removing its ad-free Basic plan for subscribed users as well. The company discontinued it for new subscribers last year. The measure is being implemented by region, starting with users in Canada and the UK. Meanwhile, there are rumors of a possible totally free, ad-supported plan for some regions.
Previously, Netflix offered a Basic ad-free plan that cost CAD 9,99 in Canada. However, in 2023, the company announced the shutdown of the Basic plan. So, it disappeared from the list of available plans for those users of other plans or new subscribers. Those already subscribed to the plan continued to enjoy it, but with the warning that it would be permanently discontinued in 2024.
Current Netflix ad-free Basic plan users being forced to switch
In January 2024, the company confirmed that Canada and the UK would be the first regions where the Basic plan would disappear for current subscribers as well. Netflix had said this would start happening in the “second quarter of this year.” Well, the time has come, and Netflix is already removing the ad-free Basic plan for everyone in the aforementioned regions.
According to reports from users in Canada and the UK, their Netflix app is showing a “Your last day to watch Netflix is…” notification. The message also adds: “Choose a new plan to keep watching.” Canadian users will now have to change to the Standard with ads (CAD 5,99), Standard (CAD 16,49), or Premium (CAD 20,99) plan. Plus, they will have to pay CAD 7,99 for each new user they want to add. On the bright side, all plans support Full HD streaming (Basic plan only supported HD).
Service abruptly interrupted
That said, one of the reports mentions something a little worrying. The user claims that, even with a few weeks left, Netflix is ​​forcing them to resubscribe to continue enjoying shows and movies. That is, Netflix would be abruptly preventing them from using the service, even with a few weeks remaining.
Netflix has not yet confirmed when it will begin removing the plan for current subscribers in the US. However, since they started the process, it probably won’t take long for it to happen in more regions.

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