8 Final Fantasy Games Are Leaving PlayStation Plus Next Month

PlayStation Plus’ Extra and Premium tiers—which include free games you can play as part of your membership—are losing over two dozen titles in May, including eight different Final Fantasy games. If you want to beat them all before they leave, you’d better hurry!Thank You, PS Plus, For Making My Backlog Even BiggerIt’s fun when popular video game subscription services like Xbox’s Game Pass and PlayStation’s Plus Library add new games for you to play at no additional cost. However, these services also rotate games out from time to time for various reasons—contracts expire, deals end, etc—and when that happens it’s a lot less fun. And Sony’s recent announcement that 25 games are being removed from PlayStation Plus’ Extra and Premium tiers is one of the biggest exoduses I’ve seen in recent memory.As reported by PushSquare on April 16, Sony has quietly updated the “Last Chance to Play” section of PlayStation Plus and revealed that on May 21, a total of 25 games will be removed from PS Plus Extra and Premium. And seven of those titles are Final Fantasy games. Here’s the full list of stuff leaving Plus next month:Final Fantasy IX (PS4)Final Fantasy VII (PS4)Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (PS4)Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4)Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition (PS4)Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PS4)World of Final Fantasy (PS4)Abzu (PS4)Adr1ft (PS4)How to Survive 2 (PS4)The Artful Escape (PS5, PS4)Ashen (PS4)Last Stop (PS5, PS4)I Am Dead (PS4, PS4)Absolver: Downfall (PS4)My Friend Pedro (PS4)The Messenger (PS4)Jotun (PS4)Sundered (PS4)This Is the Police (PS4)This Is the Police 2 (PS4)ELEX (PS4)Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 (PS4)Minit (PS4)Observation (PS4)Technically, only seven Final Fantasy titles are being removed, but one of the games–FFX|X-2 HD—includes two games, so I’m counting it as eight. That’s a large chunk of Final Fantasy history being removed from the PS Plus library. The question is: Do you have enough time between today and May 21 to finish all of these RPGs?How long it would take to play all of these Final Fantasy gamesUsing How Long To Beat (which isn’t perfect, but good enough), I added up the completion times for all of the Final Fantasy games leaving PS Plus. I focused on how many hours it would take to complete the main story, not do everything. The number I ended up with was right around 430 hours, which seems fair. That equals out to 18 days and 17 hours. Considering that you’ll need to sleep, eat, and work, we need to break that up. Let’s say you get home around 5ish, eat a quick dinner and wash up by 6ish, and start playing a Final Fantasy game right away. You can play until about 2 AM, any later than that might affect your job. So about eight hours of game time. We can bump that up to 15 hours on a Saturday or Sunday…assuming you don’t do much else during that time.Adding up the numbers, we end up with about 40 hours of game time during the week and 30 hours on the weekend. I’m going to assume your bathroom breaks are fast and not round down. That brings us to 70 hours a week of game time. If you are dedicated and really put in the work, it will take you about six weeks to beat every FF game leaving PS Plus.Sadly, May 21 is only five weeks away, so you’ll need to double down on some weekends and probably skip a few dates or events to pull this off. If you do, email Kotaku, please. We’d love to hear about this whole ordeal. But also, don’t do that. Come on. It’s not worth it. .

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